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Testimonial of the Month: Monroe Self Storage

by Stephanie Brault
Posted in LED self storage signs, LED sign advertising, LED sign benefits, LED signs, Outdoor LED Signs, Self Storage LEDs, Testimonials, Company

Many self-storage facilities have experienced significant benefits by installing an LED sign. After all, it's the perfect solution for advertising vacant units, storage supplies, specials, and more. One of our own customers is a great example of the effects of advertising with an AdChoice LED Sign. Below is a message sent to us from Christine Haugh, Partner at Monroe Self Storage:

We LOVE our LED sign from AdChoice LED Signs!  The software is easy to use and their customer service department was wonderful to work with.  Our LED sign is the most cost effective advertising investment we have ever made.  It's so effective, it's the ONLY advertising we do now!  If you own a storage company, I highly recommend AdChoice LED Signs to help drive traffic to your front door and boost your profits.

We are extremely appreciative to Christine for sharing this wonderful feedback. We also love to hear that they rely purely on their sign for advertising—it's clear that their EMC was a valuable investment!

Does your own self storage facility need a boost? If you feel you're wasting advertising dollars on other methods that just aren't filling units, it may be time to consider investing in an LED sign to draw in customers and raise your bottom line. Call us today to speak with one of our project managers and find the ideal AdChoice LED Sign for your business.

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Testimonial of the Month: Monroe Self Storage

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