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Never Another Dull Black Friday

by Stephanie Brault
Posted in LED sign benefits, LED Sign Buyer's Guide

Did you miss Black Friday opportunities this year because you lacked the means of advertising? Never lose out on business on this influential day of deals and shopping again—invest in an AdChoice LED Sign!

Luckily, there is still plenty of time left in the holiday shopping season. Maximize your holiday sales and secure success for all future Black Fridays with an electronic message center (EMC). After all, the competition grows rapidly each year.

Helping the Small Businesses Stand Out

It isn't exactly a fair fight for small business owners to go toe-to-toe with big box stores and major household names, so how do you make your products or services stand out? With an LED sign, you can spread the word to your entire community. You can even catch the attention of someone driving by who may be from out of town, but has a need for what you are offering!

According to MarketingProfs, "The core strategy to make Black Friday work for your smaller business is to position on the value of your products and services while marketing creatively to consumers." What better way to position your product for all to see than a big, bright, and colorful sign?

Making customers aware of what you offer is half the battle. You won't have to—and you shouldn't—heavily discount your products. Besides, as a small business, chances are you will not win against the large retailers when it comes to Black Friday sales. So show consumers the value in what you are selling. Give them more for their money! Your EMC will allow you to:

  • Deliver seasonal messages in a timely manner.
  • Change your ads as frequently as necessary.
  • Schedule multiple messages on rotation.
  • Advertise a great deal without spending a great deal.

That’s right: An LED sign is an extremely cost-efficient advertising method. While there is an initial investment involved, most businesses see their return on THIS investment quickly.

Reach Local Customers

Whether yours is a small business or a big box store, an LED sign is a highly effective way to reach your local customers both as they are driving by and just before they buy. And let's not forget about the people nearby who are stuck in lines, parking lots, and traffic jams on the morning of Black Friday—they provide an actual captive audience for your LED ads! Plus, they are shoppers who are already in buying mode, which makes them even more susceptible to an enticing offer.

Boost your sales for the remaining holiday shopping season and ensure successful Black Fridays for years to come with an EMC from AdChoice LED Signs today. View our product selection or call one of our LED sign specialists now at 800-379-0256 to discuss your options!

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