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Latest LED Digital Signage Trends

by Stephanie Brault
Posted in Digital Signage, LED Sign Buyer's Guide, Trends in LED Signage

As the savvy owner of an LED sign, you know how important it is to stay up on the latest digital signage trends. With our fast-paced society and the rapidly-growing world of digital becoming more interactive, effective integration is vital to running a successful marketing campaign. Read on for some of the top LED sign trends.

Dynamic Content

Today’s consumers are subject to information overload 24/7, but their minds are unable to cope with the outside stimuli. In order to capture their attention, advertisers need to change content often and keep it relevant.

Grab your audience's attention by following these content rules:

  • Use motion and variety.
  • Make it concise, not flashy.
  • Give them the information they want and need.

LED signage is the perfect advertising medium because it is made for dynamic content.

Video: The Key to the Millennial Audience

Ah, the tricky and elusive millennial audience: How do you reach them? The answer is video, which is crushing print advertising the same way it killed radio back in the '80s.

In fact, millennials have proven that YouTube is their go-to for self-education, as opposed to more conventional sources. It’s easy to see why video is a must-have for any business that wants to sell to the approximately 80 million milliennials in the market. Integrating video in your in-store experience makes a huge difference when it comes to reaching this large younger audience.

Personalization & Targeting is Expected

Privacy concerns are decreasing, especially among millennials. A recent study by the American Press Institute found that only 20% of millennials worry about digital privacy.

Consumers now expect you to know when, where, and how to reach them. They expect your messages to talk directly to them and address their needs. Electronic message centers (EMCs) offer this necessary flexibility. Change your sign’s message based on the time of day or relevant events that occur. After all, today’s young consumers want as much convenience and immediacy as necessary.

Usefulness > Creativity

While a clean look and style has a certain level of importance, a catchy one-liner will keep you top-of-mind among consumers better than an elaborate, confusing ad. Again, younger audiences don’t trust or care much for advertising—in fact, millennials hate traditional advertising. In order to effectively capture these young consumers, your content should be:

  • Useful
  • Relevant
  • Social
  • Authentic

Proximity Selling

LED digital displays are, of course, made for proximity selling, but interactive trends add a new meaning to this technique. Use your EMC to promote your loyalty club or on-the-spot coupons and specials. Now, you can even combine your digital signs with a proximity marketing tool and deliver exclusive content to your customer’s phone when they walk into the store.

Another perk of this tactic is that it’s environmentally friendly: There are no coupons for customers to print and remember, and no wasted production or delivery costs for you.

Location-based Advertising

Another digital signage trend that outdoor EMCs are perfect for is location-based advertising. LED signs can be used to reach prospective customers still in their cars, drawing them from the traffic light out front inside your store. A recent IBM study suggests that up to 72% of consumers respond to an interactive message received if they’re already in sight of the location.

Social Media Integration

Ensure success with a fully integrated campaign. This means social media and digital signage go hand-in-hand. Social media is the perfect complement to your campaigns because it allows users to share their experiences, creating highly important organic buzz and feedback.

Track Results

Once you’ve integrated all of your marketing efforts and have established an interactive experience, you’ll need to track your results. Find software that delivers these metrics and results to make your job easier and make sure your efforts are performing as desired. Did your campaign meet its goal? Does something need to be adjusted? With integrated marketing, it’s important to find out what is working and what needs work.

Consumers are savvier than ever now, especially with the easy access they have to technology and information. Interactivity is becoming increasingly important when it comes to creating a memorable customer experience. Following these digital signage trends and integrating all of your marketing outlets will ensure that your campaign succeeds time after time.

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