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How to Find a Reliable LED Sign Manufacturer

by Stephanie Brault
Posted in EMC, LED Sign Buyer's Guide, LED sign company, LED sign manufacturer, LED sign technical support, Company

Buying the perfect electronic message center (EMC) is about more than finding the perfect sign—it’s about finding the perfect LED sign manufacturer. You want a solid digital display partner to ensure you have all the support you need throughout the life of your sign.

A reliable EMC manufacturer provides high-quality product, top-notch service, and reasonable cost of ownership. It’s important to ask the right questions to make sure you get your money’s worth on this large purchase. Do your due diligence, and you’re sure to pick out the cream of the LED sign manufacturing crop!

Age of LED Sign Company

If the LED sign company you purchase from has been successful in the sign business for a number of years, they will likely be around to support you for the life of your sign.
Another important question: Does the company specialize in LED signs? Make sure they’ve actually been focused on EMCs for all those years, and are not new to the digital sign industry. Some businesses might be established in other fields, but new to LED sign manufacturing. A manufacturer with a long history of designing and building electronic signs alone is your best bet. Companies that don’t specialize in LED signs may not have a solid history of product support.

Ask for References

Any EMC company can show you impressive images of their signs, images which can be edited to perfection. But can they show you working reference signs in the field? Ask for references you can speak to and visit to see their signs working on-site. That will give you an idea of how your sign will look like after six months, a year, or two years.

In fact, AdChoice LED Signs is one of those confident companies! Simply ask and we’ll connect you with loyal customers who will be happy to show you their working digital displays. You can speak with these AdChoice sign owners about their experiences with our product and how durable and effective it is.

What is Their Warranty?

A good warranty is an indication that an LED sign manufacturer is confident in its products. A longer warranty typically means the company has run extensive tests on its signs and is willing to stand behind them should anything occur in the future.

We offer a five year limited warranty on all of our AdCenter LED signs. This includes free lifetime phone-based technical support, lifetime access to software training, lifetime access to content creation tips, and lifetime access to our extensive Sign Content Library.

The age of the company and the warranty also go hand-in-hand. If the company is new, how do you know they will be around in a year or a few years to fulfill their warranty? What about five or ten years down the road when you need technical support? Buying an EMC from a startup company or one that has not been in the LED sign business for long is risky—that’s a lot of money to invest in sign that won’t be supported in just a few years.

Solid LED Sign Technical Support

Don’t simply assume that a company has a service department that will be there to answer questions and assist with your issues. Many new or lesser-known companies fail to provide support after they’ve sold you the sign. Verify the level of LED sign support you’ll receive BEFORE purchasing. This is also something you discuss with the company’s references you might visit.
Ask questions like:

  • What kind of service can I expect both pre- and post-sale?
  • Is there a toll-free number?
  • Is the technical support group based in the United States? Are their hours conducive to your business?

Find out if the manufacturer keeps parts in stock. If they don’t or if they have to have the parts shipped from overseas, your sign could be out for weeks. AdChoice keeps parts in stock even for all generations of AdChoice LED Signs! With an AdCenter LED sign, you won’t have to worry about being stuck without replacement parts.

Also find out if the company of interest keeps service records so you can be sure they will have your sign’s complete service history. While it seems like a given, not all companies keep good service records or any at all. Our representatives and technicians at AdChoice keep detailed records of your inquiries and service to ensure the most efficient support every time.

Ease of Use and Software

How easy is it to operate their sign? Does your purchase include software? The most user-friendly signs are those that come with customer software designed by the same company that manufactures and builds the EMCs.

Find out if the software is included in the price. Some companies don’t offer software or charge an extra cost for it. Our iCreate Content Creation Software is included with every AdChoice LED Sign purchase and is easy to use.

Finally, make sure the software is equipped with a content library of free and ready-to-use artwork. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s included with the software. iCreate includes a large content library, a scheduling platform for easy message planning, a simple layout, and an easy form editor.

The Right Partner = The Right LED Sign

Ask the hard questions in order to make the smartest investment. Know who you are buying from. Simply looking for the lowest price or best deal might not be enough and could leave you stranded with an un-usable sign down the road! Seek out the LED sign company that is the best fit for your needs and will serve as a dependable partner for the life of your EMC.

Once you’ve found an LED sign manufacturer that is reliable and supportive with quality products, you’ll know you’ve found the right EMC. We hope AdChoice LED Signs will be that company for you. Call us today to learn more at 800-379-0256.

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